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Optical sensor

An optical sensor capable of preventing noise causing materials from being produced in or introducing into a light path is provided. The optical sensor is

Optical gas sensor

2015129-A system includes a sensor body that has a folded optical waveguide configured in a “U” shape, wherein the waveguide is configured to conv

Optical waveguide sensor and method of manufacture

Optical waveguide sensor and method of manufactureAn optical waveguide environmental sensor is provided that is capable of detecting a target gas or liquid

Optical assaying method and system having rotatable sensor

An optical assaying method and system having a movable sensor is described. In one aspect, the present invention is a sensing system having a rotating

Manufacture gas propelled dispensers

Method for manufacturing a gas propelled dispenser having a valve with a stem accurately placed at a desired position with respect to the cannister thereof

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Occupancy Sensors Manufacture Select 1. HVAC Occupancy Sensors The Spec Of Occupancy Sensors : 1. The OS-363 is a ceiling mount occupancy sensor for

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779 “Automotive Sensor”、。

Gas sensor and flip-chip method for its manufacture

Gas sensor and flip-chip method for its manufacturedoi:US20110147803 A1A sensor element is described that includes at least one semiconductor component

Manufacture method of sensor

2012220-An embodiment of the invention discloses a manufacture method of a sensor comprising: preparing gate scanning lines on a substrate; depositi

Optical oxidative enzyme-based sensors

The invention discloses enzyme-based optical sensors for detecting blood components which are substrates for oxidative enzymes, the sensors advantageously

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Optical evanescent field sensor

201322-The invention relates to an optical sensor device (1) comprising a substrate (2) on which at least one light source (4

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(Sunday 25 June 2017)] Optical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection X - Miniaturization of an optical 3D sensor by additive manufacture of metallic


20041020-Provided are a semiconductor device and an optical sensor device, each having reduced dark current, and detectivity extended toward longer w

Photo-acoustic gas sensor and its manufacture and use

10PCS new date of manufacture oxygen sensor AO2 PTB-18.10 AO2 AO2PTB-18Type: Gas Sensor Theory: Optical Sensor Usage: Gas Sensor is_customized

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Method for the manufacture of a sensor element

JP59230123 December, 1984 OPTICAL SENSOR WO1990016089A1 1990-12-27 ULTRA-THINcontaining flat or torn gas bubbles is used to form a so-called electret

Identificando Gases por medio del Ruido de Sensores de Gas

Identificando Gases por medio del Ruido de Sensores de Gas Comerciales:Surface morphology engineering of metal-oxide films by chemical spray pyrolysis Juan


20091010-The invention provides a sensor including a first sensor element (105) formed in a first substrate (110) and at least one optical element fo

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ISO/TS16949 CKP Sensor ( CKP Sensor )OEM NO.:7700101971,7700273419A,S105758001E,23750-00QAE,8200468646, You can get more details about crankshaft

Manufacture method for double-humped resonance

Manufacture method for double-humped resonance coating optical fiber grating gas-sensing sensorThis invention relates to one double peak vibration coating fib

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